Your Adventure Begins!

Jungle Monkeyz Adventure is a fully immersive and interactive walk through family experience.


  • Step into a family adventure.

    Jungle Monkeyz Adventure is an Actor led Immersive experience.

    The hour long adventure takes you on a journey through the Mayan jungle and lost temples.

    Become the Explorer and let your Jungle Guide lead you on an Adventure as you help Alex the Monkey and his dad recover the seven lost Gems of Virtue.

  • Explore, learn, discover.

    Explore, learn, discover.

    Learn about Animals, plants, conservaiton, recycling all in a fun and magical setting.

    Your little ones will find and collect gems hidden in the undergrowth, learn about the importance of recycling, colour their own sea creature that will magically appear in the ocean, and greet Zogo a seven-foot silverback Gorilla.

  • An actor led immersive experience.

    An actor led immersive experience.

    Jungle Monkeyz Adventure mixes good old-fashioned adventuring & exploring with some super-cool digital activities, suitable for all.

    The journey is fraught with challenges, teachings and fun for the whole family.

    Cross waterfalls, Crawl through the caves of mystery, cross the rickety rope bridge across crocodile infested waters and watch sea creatures appear beneath the sands of time. This is just the beginning.

    There’s much more but we don’t want to spoil the surprises!

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