(Learning while 'having a giraffe')

Jungle Monkeyz Adventure offers an immersive story telling experience, where imagination has no limit.

Schools have been an important influence in the creation of Jungle Monkeyz and our primary school offering includes awareness of story construction and familiarity with wildlife animals.

We offer a rich environment that inspires active imagination and curriculum-based learning.

For English Lessons

– To identify the features and themes of different genres, including jungle animals.
– To understand the structure of stories and how they are developed with a beginning, a middle and an end.
– To explore the process of characterisation and building characters.


– Storytelling is brought to life through an interactive guided experience.
– Pupils can identify with a timeline of events as they journey through the attraction.
– Each section of the adventure will surround a pupil in colour, design, amazing special effects and technology.


– Experiencing changes in story direction through tone of voice.
– Pupils can speak out and participate in the story as well as helping find the Jungle Gems.

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